Welcome dear Mother, Educator, Sister,

You may have children of your own, or children of others’ who live under your roof. You may care for children around you, in your neighbourhood, in your community or in the times to come. Whichever format is your motherhood, welcome here.

This is a space of vulnerability. We look for the new.

Maybe you were like me, grown in a rigid frame called education. Probably. So is the world. Rigid, controlling, boxing, fearful. A frame which you sense now, as you are Mother, isn’t quite what you look for.

You want to provide safe borders but all you know are rigid limits that tap into fear, worry and urge our instinct of protection. You have come here to create a new way.

Education is by definition a frame of past beliefs, values, structures which we use to create our worldview of right and wrong and in which we want to pour our children. This is control education. How often do we hear: well behaved children don’t do this, don’t do that…. Good girls this and good boys that…

I ask you: why? for which girl? for which mother?

I am looking for a new way to hold my children. It’s a creative way, it’s the way of the heart and of the now.

I believe education is made in the moment in the space between Mother and child. Education is not a way instruction, a forceful imposing of beliefs and rules. I believe children have as much, if not more to teach us than we do.

What comes in the way of Education in the now, are our limiting beliefs, our sets of fears from our own childhood, the fears we have solidified as our worldview.

Amazing Swans is a place of vulnerability because it is an invitation to heal with our children. To grow with them and not to grow them.

It is a set of love letters to our children from the challenges each day brings. It is a place of vulnerability because often times, we do not have the answers but we have the courage to ask the question and trust.

I wish for you Mother to join me and grow together a new way of looking at Education. Please share this with as many mothers as possible, write to me, send me your love letters. I look forward to growing this space between us.

With Love, a Mother.