Becoming Mother

Painting by Akiane

We are not born mothers, we become it.

I believe we become Mothers many times in our lives, whether we have children or not. It is encrypted within us, women, like a seed ready to get activated in the relationship.

When Motherhood becomes alive in us, it comes with a deep intensity and vulnerability. It stirs our fears, shakes our belief system and there is no place to hide.

Sometimes we are about to crack up and sometimes we loose it. Yet, we all intend to be good mothers, great mothers.

When we answer the call, it shows us the way to drop our masks and take refuge in the simplicity of love, joy and trust.

Amazing Swans is a series of letters to our children from the challenges each day brings in the life of a mother

Amazing Swans is an invitation to celebrate our precious children and re-member the wonder child, we too, once were.

As therapist John Bradshaw puts it:

  • Wonder
  • Optimism
  • Naïveté
  • Dependence
  • Emotions
  • Resilience

Our children, more than ever, are precious treasures to be cherished. They bring along the gifts of healing that our humanity needs to find back peace from within.

Amazing Swans is a journey and it doesn’t provide parenting answers. Every Mother and every Child are unique. Instead,  Amazing Swans is an invitation to become Mother; to tune into our children; forget all we have heard about good or bad parenting and behaving; to rethink education.

Would you join me on this journey? I would love to welcome you, Mother, and share your thoughts, your discoveries, your struggles and victories for the love of our children.

Please share and leave a comment below.


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