Preserving and nourishing creativity despite the school

My dear Little Swans,

There is something we call education on this planet and unfortunately, more often than not, it means shaping you little souls to fit into the boxed compartments we tagged: required, necessary, acceptable, desirable or aspirational.

Even more sadly, in order to make sure you never o never fall outside of the above box, we discipline and punish you in order to clarify from an early age that the box is the only way to go. We even send you to institutions called schools which are mandatory for everyone and where you loose from an early age, the most sacred quality you have: your creativity.

It gives me shivers to think that one day, you will have to go through this.

The world has changed manifold since the days I had to go to School and people start to realise that it is soon quite irrelevant to ask you to spend thousands of hours in your very early years on this planet to get prepared to obey, copy and fill your brains with writing, counting and reading.

You are still very pure and when I watch you play, your creativity is fascinating. The table measures 30 minutes, you fly in the bathtub, sing and dance… You even invented at the age of 3, a new yoga pose, you called the Snoopy Dog. Every connection you make in your mind gives you sparkles and I feel the vibrancy of your energy field as you link, unlink and play out all the possibilities your fertile imagination creates.

Education is necessary, to give you a loving structure where you can throw yourself at and know that you’ll be fine and safe. Education that is rigid and pledges conformity produces robots and not human beings. Education that punishes deviation from norms produces fearful beings. Education that thinks the educators know better than the pupils creates disconnection.

I, as your mother, give you permission to disobey any rule that doesn’t turn your heart on. It doesn’t mean that I will allow anarchy in this house. Not at all. There are values which we want to live by and they include: respect, determination, reciprocity, courage, honesty, integrity, freedom, play and generosity of spirit.

But above all, the right to be yourself at any times, speak your truth and express your unique greatness. That doesn’t happen on the bench of a normalised education system that instills the fear of being different.

My dear little Swans, it is possible that I will still be angry and frustrated when you two will go to school. The idea of the upcoming brainwash disgusts me. I promise that I will do my best to find peace before that day comes and not to create a split within you. I hope to find a resolution to this problem for myself very soon.

Or find the courage to say no. This raises other questions really which require reflection. For now, my little Swans, creativity is the center piece of my focus to fuel your system with the taste of  meaning, purpose, beauty, power, effort and fulfilment that Creativity carries.

I love you, your Mother,


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